Space Weather is one of the most important topics in Space Science, and the purpose of this school is clear: to provide essential information on the topic of Sun-Earth system, as well as to foster collaborations across the world on this topic.


This summer school is an excellent opportunity to attract early career scientists for this research topic, to promote Space Weather research with a special emphasis on the Iberian Peninsula region and middle latitudes, and strengthen scientific networks. 

This school has the support of the International Space Weather Initiative  (ISWI) and the Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics  (SCOSTEP), being in line with their aims in providing training in the domain of Space Science.

This school will provide high-level professional development for early career, scientists, students, and entrepreneurs in the domain of Space Weather, with an emphasis on the fundamental science of the Sun-Earth system, modeling and forecasting, and its impact on society. The school is also an opportunity to promote scientific collaboration between researchers, to stimulate the vocations of young researchers, and to help disseminate the results of research in Space Science.


A wider objective is to create an “Iberian Space Science Summer School” to be held annually, alternating between Portugal and Spain in different universities. In this way, the school will contribute to the spread of study of Space Science, Space Weather, and the Sun-Earth interactions and attract the academic community to this subject, as well as provide information to the civil society and young entrepreneurs.


Lectures will be given in Zoom are available for everyone after the registration:



Please note that the number of live participants is limited but all lectures will be recorded and uploaded later to the i4s website for open access.