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2021 Topics 

The Sun
The solar wind and the interplanetary medium

The magnetosphere
The ionosphere and the upper atmosphere 
Lower atmosphere and ground effects 

Climate Change

2021 Lectures

Introduction to Space Weather and Space Weather at middle latitudes, by Christine Mazaudier

The Sun and the solar activity: main features, by Alexander Nindos
The solar wind and the interplanetary medium, by Mateja Dumbovic

The magnetosphere: general view, by Kazuo Shiokawa

Interaction of the magnetosphere with the solar wind and geomagnetic storms, by Ramon Lopez
The ionosphere and the upper atmosphere: general view, by Christine Mazaudier
Space Weather in the ionosphere, by Keith Groves

Space Weather in the lower atmosphere  and climate change, by Bernd Funke

Space Weather near the ground level, by Karl-Ludwig Klein 

NOTE: Lectures available by request

Program & Time table
Terms & Conditions

2021 Programme

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